python programming biggest trend of 2022

One of the biggest trends that the field of data science has seen is the rise of Python as the singular most popular programming language among data scientists. And it’s not limited to just that, Python programming language is a sought after skill among app developers, programmers, software developers also.

According the analyst firm Red Monk,

“Python has become the third most popular language in general.”

It even has the most number of questions on Stack Overflow, indicating its rise to the throne.

So, if you are into Python programming practice you may have flourishing career options.

Let’s answer some common questions.

Is Python Programming For Beginners?

The fact that you can learn Python programming at any point in your career makes it even more desirable. It is easy to learn and has a big developer community support. So whether you are a fresher looking for data science jobs or a seasoned developer, you can learn Python programming anytime.

Is Python Programming Language helpful for Data Analysts?

If your mind is set on becoming a data analyst, Python is a must have skill. The sheer number of Python libraries that you get to work with is simply amazing. It gives you flexibility. The best part is they are absolutely free giving you accessibility to learn them on your time.

In case you are interested in the Pandas Python library then do check out my free tutorials.

Jobs For Python Programmers In 2022

So now that you have become an expert in Python programming language, what next?

Here are some job roles with good packages that you can explore:

  • Python Developer
  • Data scientist
  • Machine learning engineer
  • Data analyst
  • App developer etc.

Can I switch Operating Systems Without Changing The Code?

Yes, absolutely. Python programming language is extremely portable which makes it so easy to work with. imagine a scenario where you are coding on windows system but for some reason have to switch to Mac. You can do it in a blink and don’t even have to change the code. How cool is that! Same goes for Linux.

Is Python Language Developer Friendly?

One of the most unique skills of Python programming is that its code could be embedded in other object-oriented programming language. Welcome Java and C++. Hey C here comes the formidable Python developer.

So the takeaway is that Python programming language is here to stay. So get on the trend while it’s young to build a promising career in the tech industry.