About Us

Before discussing about us, let’s talk about

Why We Do What We Do…

The Rebellion Rider team strongly believes that knowledge should be easily accessible to everybody. Everyone is entitled to attain authentic, reliable, high-quality and updated knowledge anytime anywhere.
Keeping this in mind we have designed computer programming tutorials, study materials along with Oracle database certification guides to help you achieve greatness in your career.

We strive to bring easy to understand and free computer programming tutorials to you. Our videos and blog articles are very easy to understand. This makes them perfect for quick learning and referencing purposes.

What Will You Find Here

You can find here, a repository of study materials on subjects like SQL, SQL developer, PL/SQL, Oracle Database versions 11g, 12c & 18c along with Python.

If you want us to arrange a seminar, conduct workshop/training at your institute then feel free to drop an email at RebellionRiderYT@gmail.com

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Furthermore, I regularly answer questions and talk to my viewers on my Twitter & Facebook. So make sure to say ‘Hi!’ to me there.

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