How To Learn Oracle Database

Learn Oracle DB 

In my recent livestream on my YouTube channel somebody asked me how to start learning Oracle Database Development. And that motivated me to write this blog. Therefore, in this article, I am going to give you the steps which will help you in kick-starting your learning journey with Oracle DB.

Why Oracle Database?

Oracle Corporation is in the game of Database since 1977. Since then this company has given plenty of database options to the market which helped it in becoming the 2nd biggest software and programming company in the world.

The futuristic thinking of the company has made it a very dependable organization that is here to stay for the long run. Where on one hand, other companies are still marketing their relational databases or databases “in cloud”, Oracle is changing the market with the innovative products like Autonomous Database. Consequently, such advancement of cutting-edge technology has made Oracle the most valuable brand of 2018. And I am not saying that it’s the Forbes.

If you want to have a conversation on why Oracle DB is the first choice of developers, then feel free to leave me a message on my Facebook and I will be more than happy to explain to you.

So, coming back to the task at hand. How to learn Oracle database?

Step 1: Setup Your Oracle DB.

In order to start learning database development, you first need to properly setup the Oracle Database. Setting Up Oracle db is a 2-step process.

  • Install the Database
  • Unlock the Sample Schema

Install the Oracle Database Version.

To learn any software, you always need to get a copy of it installed on your system. And that’s exactly what I suggest you do in this step. Install the Oracle Database on your computer. Moreover, the best part of Oracle db versions is that – they are freely available for you to download and install for learning and educational purposes.

Till date, the latest version of Oracle Database available in the market is Oracle 18c. You can follow the steps given in this video to learn how to install Oracle 18c on your system.

Unlock The Sample Schema

Once you get the copy of your Oracle Database 18c installed next you must unlock the sample schema. Additionally, in Oracle DB universe, schemas are also known as Users. Also, there are several sample schemas that come pre-created with the bundle. Furthermore, the most commonly used sample schema is HR.

Every sample schema has some pre-created tables which are pre-populated with dummy data. And these sample schemas come in handy for practice purposes.

Follow the instructions given in the video to unlock the schema in Oracle DB 18c.

If you are someone who just joined a company which is using Oracle Database 12c. Then don’t worry, your bro has got you covered. Here is the tutorial on Oracle Database 12c installation.

The ground has been set.

Step 2: Tools for Oracle DB

After installing the Database next you will need Oracle tools which will help in establishing the connection with your database. A tool that will help you in creating scripts and writing queries. Furthermore, there are so many options available in the market. But I prefer using SQL Developer. A powerful IDE designed and developed by Oracle Corp. itself. The best parts of Oracle SQL Developer are —

  • It comes with so many advanced options like SQL Loader, Data Modeling, DBA panel etc. etc.
  • It is available FREE of cost for you to use.

Additionally, all the advanced options, some of which are not even available in paid software are freely available for you.

I have demonstrated step by step process of Installing Oracle SQL Developer in this video. Check it out to setup your copy of SQL Developer Now –


Step 3: Create a Connection with Oracle Database

Now that you have installed your copy of Oracle DB and SQL Developer next you must connect your SQL Developer with your Database.

Connecting SQL Developer with Oracle Database is no Rocket Science. You simply have to fill the details of your database and SQL developer will do all the hard work for you.

Here I have done a video on how to connect with a Pluggable database of Oracle 18c using SQL developer. Check it out and get ready to get things rolling.

Moreover, with all this hustle the ground for you to start learning SQL and PL/SQL is all set.

Step 4: Learn SQL

SQL is a fundamental language for communicating with your Database. So, if you are planning for becoming a database developer or even starting a career as a programmer, then SQL will come in handy.

Because if you get your fundamentals down then the level everything you do will automatically rise.

I have done a series of SQL tutorials where I have covered all the major topics of SQL with easy to understand examples. You can check out this playlist here. Go ahead enjoy these tutorials and become an expert in Oracle SQL.

Check Out The SQL Playlist Here

Step 5: Learn PL/SQL

PL/SQL is an advance multipurpose programming language for Oracle Database Development. Once you are done with fundamentals which is the SQL then you are all set to start learning the advance topics of Oracle DB Development which is PL/SQL.

And for your convenience, once again, I have done a series of PL/SQL tutorial where I have covered entire PL/SQL in short and crisp videos with super easy examples.

This series has crossed 10M in just a year. You can enjoy these tutorials here.

Check Out The PL/SQL Playlist Here

That’s all you need to start your journey as an Oracle Database Developer. Hope you find this guide on how to learn Oracle DB handy enough to kick start your career.

If you still have any doubts, feel free to message me on Facebook.

That’s it for this blog. Thanks, and have a great day.