who should do the oracle database certification by manish sharma

Am I eligible for Oracle Database Certification?

If you are thinking about Oracle SQL certification & wondering whether it is the right step for you then go no further for here I am about to answer your query on Who should do the Oracle certification.

So, anyone who wants to study the database and is highly motivated fulfills the eligibility criteria for Oracle Certifications – it is as simple as that! Whether you are a commerce graduate, art student or for that matter belongs to the field of science, you can go for database certification courses offered by Oracle for beginners.

In case you are an IT professional, entrepreneur or just want to venture into the field of the database, Oracle DB certification courses are the right choice for you. You just have to be a keen learner dedicated to your ambition!

Though there are no particular eligibility criteria for Oracle Certification but this stands true only for the initial enrolment phase i.e. anyone can join the course. Once you have decided that then in order to become Oracle Certified Professional you need to follow some steps.

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