will i get a Job After Oracle Database Certification answered by manish sharma

One of the biggest struggles you go through while considering enrolling for Oracle Database certification courses is whether you will get a job after Oracle Database Certification. I have been frequently asked this same question by my audience. The answer is “Yes” but the question remains is “How?” So here goes…

Oracle Certification Value In Market!

First of all, you have to understand the fact that although getting yourself certified by Oracle is a big deal yet the certification in itself is not sufficient to land you a job. In other words, it is like the icing on the cake – difficult to make & yummy to eat yet incomplete in the absence of that spongy flavored dough beneath it!

Therefore in order for you to get a job after Oracle Database Certification, there has to exist a base foundation which is made up of your graduation and knowledge. If you are planning to leave college & aspire to land a fat job just by completing a certification, then you, my friend, are living in great delusion!

Oracle certification is a bright star on your resume but it is not the only thing that hirers will see. Some amount of work experience is also an added advantage to Oracle database certification for beginners.

Oracle Certification Dumps – Will It or Won’t It Work!

If you are planning on getting a job after Oracle database certification then I should make this crystal clear – Dumps for Oracle Certification is the worst idea! Yes, you heard it right! Here’s why…

Dumps for Oracle database certification may help you in clearing your Oracle certified professional exam yet will leave you highly unprepared for your interview. Hence even if you are an Oracle certified professional yet you won’t get hired. You can read here for more info on Oracle 11g certification dumps.

So, guys, the only wisdom that I will impart you from my experience about getting a job after Oracle database certification is this:

When it comes to studying of any subject – “Curiosity doesn’t kill the cat rather leads to the discovery of more knowledge”

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You need to become that cat in order to land a big fat Oracle certified professional salary!

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