An Introduction To Conditional Control Statements In PL/SQL

Conditional control statements are those which allow you to control the execution flow of the program depending on a condition. In other words the statements in the program are not necessarily executed in a sequence rather one or other group of statements are executed depending on the evaluation of a condition.

Types Of Conditional Control Statement in PL/SQL

In Oracle PL/SQL we have two types of conditional control statements which are

  1. IF statements and
  2. CASE statements

Both these statements can be further divided into different forms. For example IF statements has 3 different forms

  1. IF THEN

And CASE statement has 2 different forms such as

  1. SIMPLE CASE and

conditional control statements in pl/sql by manish sharma

I have already done two different tutorials explaining both Simple and Searched Case statements. I highly recommend you to read them.

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This is the intro to conditional control statement in Oracle PL/SQL. In the next tutorial you will learn what is IF THEN conditional control statement so don’t forget to read that article. You can also watch its corresponding video tutorial here. Also kindly share this with your friends and help me reach out to more people. Thanks & have a great day!