Instead-oF Triggers In Database

By Manish Sharma

Instead-oF UPDATE Trigger

Similar to Instead-of Insert trigger, which we discussed in the previous tutorial, Instead-of Update trigger overrides default behavior of Update DML operation executed on the view. Execution of Update DML on a complex view is restricted because of the involvement of multiple tables over which your view is created. To override this restriction we can take the help of Instead-Of Update trigger.

Instead-Of Update Trigger

Instead-of update trigger will override the default behavior of your update operation when you execute the update statement and will let you update the data of the underlying tables over which your view is created.

Instead-Of Update trigger Examples:

Tables (Trainer and Subject) and View (VW_RebellionRider) used in this example are the same as the ones we created in the previous tutorial.

 INSTEAD OF UPDATE ON vw_rebellionrider
  UPDATE trainer SET FULL_NAME = :new.full_name
  WHERE FULL_NAME = :old.full_name;

  UPDATE subject SET subject_NAME = :new.subject_name
  WHERE subject_NAME = :old.subject_name;
On successful execution this trigger will let you execute an Update DML on the view.

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SQL Script and Presentation used

You can DOWNLOAD SQL script and presentation used in the Video and in this article.

NO SQL Script used in Video and in this article

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