Instead-oF Triggers In Database

By Manish Sharma

Instead-oF DELETE Trigger

Welcome to the last tutorial on the “INSTEAD-OF” triggers in Oracle database. Till so far in this series we have seen how to create INSTEAD-OF INSERT trigger and INSTEAD-OF UPDATE trigger. The only trigger that is left now is the INSTEAD-OF DELETE trigger which we will cover in today’s tutorial.

Similar to other instead-of triggers which we have seen in previous tutorial, using INSTEAD-OF DELETE we can override the standard action of Delete DML on a view.

Instead-of Delete trigger Example.

In this example I will again use the View VW_RebellionRider which we created earlier and have consistently used in this Instead-of trigger series so far.

Needless to say that executing DELETE DML on this view will return an error because of its non-updatable nature. Thus the only way to perform DELETE DML on this view is by using an Instead of trigger. Let’s quickly create one.

 INSTEAD OF DELETE ON vw_RebellionRider
On successful execution this trigger will allow you to execute DELETE DML on the view.

This is a very simple example of Instead-of delete trigger intended to teach you the proper way of creating an Instead-of Delete trigger. Hope you enjoyed this quick blog. Click here to share this blog on your twitter.

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SQL Script and Presentation used

You can DOWNLOAD SQL script and presentation used in the Video and in this article.

NO SQL Script used in Video and in this article

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