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PL/SQL Tutorial 51:- How to Create Nested Table inside PL/SQL Block

Welcome to the second tutorial of the PL/SQL Collection series. In this tutorial we will learn the first type of Collection that is “Nested Table” In Oracle Database by Manish Sharma

PL/SQL Tutorial 52:- How to Create Nested Table as Database Object

Nested table created as database object can be based on either Primitive Datatype or User-Define Datatype.

PL/SQL Tutorial 53:- How to Create Nested Table using user-define datatype

Leanr how to create nested table using 'Oracle Object' in Oracle Database.

PL/SQL Tutorial 54:- Introduction to PL/SQL VARRAYs in Oracle Database.

VARRAY is an important topic because it is seen that generally there is always a question on it in certification exam. Now you can test your knowledge on the subject by taking a test. Find the link of MCQ based test inside the blog.

PL/SQL Tutorial 55:- How to Create VARRAYs as PL/SQL memeber in Oracle Database.

Learn how to define, declare, initialize and allocate memory to a VARRAY when you define it inside PL/SQL block.

PL/SQL Tutorial 56:- How to Create VARRAYs as Database Object in Oracle Database.

Here I present to you a freshly brewed PL/SQL tutorial on How to create VARRAY as database object in Oracle.

PL/SQL Tutorial 57:- How to Create Associative Arrays in Oracle Database.

In this tutorial you will find out the answers of the questions about Associative arrays which you can expect in certification exam and interview. Also, learn what are core differences & similarities between Associative Array and other collections such as VARRAY & Nested Tables.

PL/SQL Tutorial 58:- Introduction to PL/SQL Collection Methods

We have used them time and again but never got the chance to talk about them. Thus today we will discuss collection methods.

PL/SQL Tutorial 59:- Collection Methods COUNT in Oracle Database

I mentioned in the previous tutorial that there are 7 collection functions. Among these seven collection function – COUNT ( ) is the first one which we are going to explore in this tutorial.

PL/SQL Tutorial 60:- Collection Methods EXISTS ( ) in Oracle Database

As you know that in the previous tutorial we learnt the concepts of first collection function – COUNT. So now it’s time to move on to the second function of the collection method series. Thus here I present to you the PL/SQL Collection Method EXISTS.

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