Since last couple of days, I am receiving lots of questions about Standard Query Language (SQL). I also saw that there was a lot of confusion about Oracle SQL. So, I have decided to answer all your doubts once and for all. Let’s do that.

What is SQL?

SQL stands for Standard Query Language. It’s a non-procedural programming language. SQL is in-fact a fundamental programming language for communicating with a relational database.

This non-procedural programming language was designed by IBM in 1970. The main aim of IBM for designing SQL was to work with its database system called ‘System R’. Since the syntaxes of SQL language resembles a lot with English thus in its earlier days it was called SEQUEL (Structured English Query Language).

Features of Oracle SQL

  • Standard for RDBMs

Standard Query Language (SQL) is a fundamental Programming Language for Working with Relations Database. It’s is like an interface to Relations Database systems.

  • Easy to Learn

Because of its simplicity and English like syntaxes, SQL is very easy to learn. Another computer programming language which is easy to learn is Python. Click here to learn it for free.

  • Widely Accepted

As the development of SQL is governed by bodies like ANSI and ISO thus this language is accepted by various relational database systems like Oracle, DB2, My SQL, Sybase.

  • Highly Versatile

Standard Query Language (SQL) is a highly versatile language. Using it one can Create objects. Update, Delete, Fetch or Even modify the data of a database.

Who Should Learn Standard Query Language (SQL)? 

Someone who is a desktop app developer, a web app developer or even a mobile app developer.

If you are developing an application which requires you to save some application or user data, for example username, password or anything you need a database. And, to communicate with that database, you need a programming language and that is SQL.

Also, if you are planning to learn advance query language like PL/SQL then also having a knowledge of SQL will be advantageous for you.

In simple words, every computer programmer must learn SQL.

International Certification in SQL Language.

Now that you have a brief idea of what SQL is, let’s talk about its certification.

The best way to showcase your SQL skills to the industry is an international certification. And, you can have that certification from Oracle itself.

1z0-071 Oracle Database SQL Associate

1z0-071 is an associate level certification offered by Oracle Corp. It’s a proctored associate level certification. Which means on passing this certification you will get an ‘Oracle Certified Associate’ certification. Following are the details of the of 1z0-071 Oracle Database SQL certification –

  • Exam Name: Oracle Database SQL
  • Exam Number: 1z0-071
  • Duration: 2Hrs
  • Total Number of Questions: 78
  • Nature of Questions: Multiple Choice (MCQ)
  • Minimum Passing Marks: 63%
  • Level of Difficulty: Average

Keeping the learning curve of SQL in mind, we can say that passing ‘1z0-071 Oracle Database SQL’ exam is fairly-easy.

Recommended Free Course

To make things easier for you I have covered the entire syllabus of ‘1z0-071 Oracle Database SQL’ on my YouTube channel. Click here to check the playlist. I have also done a full series of detailed blog on SQL. Which you can check here.

Book Recommendation

You can refer to any book of your preference which covers the topics of SQL. Go through that book thoroughly and practice all the tasks given in it. Also, if you can get your hands on more test papers then do practice them as well. As they say the more the merrier.

But still here are the books which I used in order to learn Oracle SQL and pass this exam –

  1. SQL, PL/SQL by Ivan Bayross.

I started learning SQL through this book back in my college. It’s a good read for basic SQL and PL/SQL knowledge. I love that in this book Ivan has used small projects for explaining the concepts, those were of huge help.

The database version used in this book for explaining the concepts is Oracle Database 9i. We have come a long way from this version, and it has become obsolete now. This is the only drawback of this book. Click here to buy this book

Here are a few more books which I recommend for 1z0-071 certification—

  1. SQL The Complete Reference [Click Here to buy this book]

  2. OCA Oracle Database SQL Exam Guide (Exam 1Z0-071) [Click Here to buy this book]

That’s it for this tutorial. But before you leave, I would suggest you check out

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Who Should Learn Oracle SQL?

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