Why is windows system start-up getting slow after Installing Oracle Database?

By Manish Sharma

Why windows system start-up getting slow after Installing Oracle Database by Manish Sharma

Slow Windows startup after Oracle Installation Reason and Solution.

I have been asked many times by several people that why does our windows system start-up get slow after Installing Oracle Database Enterprise Edition. Well guys, you are not alone! I also had to face this problem while I was learning Oracle. In order to find a solution, I started tweaking my system and due to which sometimes I lend myself to bigger problems such as - Oracle Not working and system crash.

So a word of advice beforehand - Please be careful while working with your system and oracle. If something goes wrong with your system and data then I will not be responsible for that.

Basically when you install Oracle EE then oracle creates several windows services for its proper working. Some of these services are set to manual mode meaning you have to start them manually and the rest are set on Automatic mode which means your system will start these services with the windows start-up (at the time of boot). The latter part is responsible for your slow system boot up.
So what is the solution to this problem?

The solution for this problem is that you either set all your Oracle related window’s service to manual mode and start them when you need them or Install Oracle on a Virtual machine.

Note here: This solution is for learning and practice environments only not for real environment. In real environment we have dedicated high capacity server for oracle which keeps running 24x7.

Once you have made your choice and want to learn how to set these windows services on Manual Mode then here are the steps for tweaking oracle related windows service.

But Before That


Be very careful while working with window’s services as a single wrong move can crash your system. In such case I do not take any responsibility for your any kind of data loss.

That having been said, let’s proceed – Shall We?

Step 1:
 Access your window’s services panel. You can do this by two methods

  1. Go to start menu --> control panel --> System and Security --> Administrator tool --> Services.
  2. Go to start menu search “RUN” (windows key + R). There write “services.msc” and hit enter.

Step 2:
    Inside the windows service panel search for oracle services. It’s very simple because all the oracle services name start with “oracle”.

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Step 3:
    Now you have to change all oracle window’s service mode from Automatic to Manual. For that Right click on the service name and then select properties.
    In the general tab of properties Go to Start up section and from the drop down menu select manual. Then hit apply and ok. Then exit.
    Do the same with other oracle services also.

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Step 4:
    After doing this restart your system.

Now you will notice the slight boost in the start-up of your windows but now your oracle EE is not working because all the Oracle EE server services are not yet started so to make your oracle server up and running you have to start all those services MANUALLY.

How to start Oracle Services Manually?

To do so you can use “NET” command of command prompt.
Steps for using NET command to start your Oracle related windows service are as follows:

Step 1:

    Run command prompt (cmd) with administrator privileges. Go to start and search cmd and then right click and select run as administrator.

Step 2:
    In your command prompt write “net start service name ” for example let’s say you want to start “OracleServiceORCL” service, for that write “net start OracleServiceORCL” and hit enter.

Similarly you can repeat this step for all the services.

That’s all you have to do.

But you have to do this thing every time you boot your system and now it becomes a painful job.

Don’t worry. There is always a solution for every problem and the solution for this problem is windows batch file script aka batch script.

Read on to know about - How you can create batch script for starting Oracle related windows service.

Create batch script for starting Oracle service

Step 1:
    Create an empty text file and give it any name such as “start” and change its extension from “.txt” to “.bat”

Step 2:
    Now write NET command for all the service you want to start line by line. For example
      net start OracleVssWriterORCL
      net start OracleDBConsoleorcl
      net start OracleJobSchedulerORCL
      net start OracleMTSRecoveryService
      net start OracleOraDb11g_home1ClrAgent
      net start OracleOraDb11g_home1TNSListener
      net start OracleServiceORCL
After writing these net commands write “pause” at the end of file. Check out the image for proper understanding.

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Step 3:
    Save this file at your desire location

Always remember you have to run this start.bat file with administrator privileges otherwise you will get an access denied error on command prompt.

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If you are a beginner or just want to use Oracle to learn or practice the concepts then I highly recommend installing it on a virtual machine. And if you are looking for a light weight version of oracle then you should read my Google plus post.

I hope you enjoyed reading.

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