configure archive redo logs to go to fast recovery area

FRA is where Oracle Recovery Manager (RMAN) saves all the backups of the database and necessary configuration files along with the metadata. After enabling archivelog mode you should configure your database to keep all the Archive logs into the Fast Recovery Area. This tutorial will show how you can configure Archive redo logs to go to the Fast Recovery area every time they are generated.

Step 1 – Enable Archive Log Mode.

In order to configure the location for archive redo logs first, you need to enable the archive log mode in your Oracle Database. I have already done a tutorial on how to enable Archive Log Mode. I suggest you check that out, Link is here

How To Enable Archive Log Mode In Oracle Database

Step 2 – Configure the location

Once you have enabled the archive log mode next you can configure the location of your archive redo logs. For that, you have to run an ALTER SYSTEM DDL like this

log on to the database using SYS user with SYSDBA privilege


Next, we will run the alter system command

SQL>alter system set log_archive_dest_1 = 'LOCATION=USE_DB_RECOVERY_FILE_DEST';

On successful execution, your Oracle Database will use the FAST RECOVERY AREA to store your archive redo logs.

Step 3 – Let’s Test

You can check if you have successfully set the Fast Recovery Area for storing your archive redo logs. Like this

Again make sure you are connected with your database using the SYS user. Next, write

SQL> archive log list

In this result, if you will look closely, the ARCHIVE DESTINATION is set to USE_DB_RECOVERY_FILE_DEST hence it’s confirmed that the destination of your archive redo logs is set to the Fast Recovery Area.

That is how you configure your Archive redo logs to store data in the Fast Recovery Area. Hope you enjoyed reading if so then do share this blog. Also, subscribe to my YouTube channel for more tutorials.

Thanks and have a great day!