Best Books for Java Programming

By Manish Sharma

Which Book should I refer to learn Java programming

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As holidays have started and I am sure many of you have enrolled with some courses or training. In last couple of days I have been frequently asked to refer books for Java. Though I can’t decide which book will suit you the best but I can share the names of those books which I studied when I was a newbie to this brutal world of Java Programming. Ultimately you have to figure out which one is best for you.

First I will suggest you to refer to “The Complete Reference Java” by Herbert Schildt Published by Tata McGraw-Hill. This is a must have book in your bookshelf. In My time I used its fifth edition but now I guess several advance editions have been launched and for that you can explore the market or Google. I find the language of this book comparatively easy and every concept was explained with short and crispy examples which help the students in understanding the concepts better. If you are planning your career in Java then I think you must buy this book.

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best books for learning java manish sharma rebellionrider
The Complete Reference Java

Second book that I am going to refer to you is a level up from the last one and I won’t suggest any Java newbie to go for this book unless and until you have any prior knowledge of Java. Though it’s my perception but if you want you can go for this one too. The book is Java Programming Black Bookby Kogent Learning solution. This is a fat lady of around 2 KG with over 1500 pages. I guess that’s what makes it sexy and best in the field. This book covers mostly advance concepts of Java Programming with lots of examples and comes with a practice CD which will be an add-on help for you.

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best books for learning java manish sharma rebellionrider
Java Programming Black Book

If you know any other books which you find easy and helpful and used for learning java or have any feedback, suggestions or experience then you can share it with me on my twitter and other social media.

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